Tidying up, sorting, cleaning, ventilating … these actions which allow you to maintain and clean your house are chores that you are reluctant to do. Follow our 10 tips to make it easy. With a few good habits, you will see everything will seem easier to you, and you will feel good in your house, clean and tidy.

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To maintain your home and keep it clean, you just need to take the right reflexes and institute the right rituals. It’s not important to make your apartment look like a magazine photo. It must be clean and in order, everything you need to feel good! There is nothing impossible about all of this! Follow our easy tips to make your home as pleasant as possible.

1 – A little bit of cleaning, but every day.

When you maintain your house, the trap is to do it all at once and spend 4 hours on weekends cleaning. No need to do everything every day. Spend between 5 and 10 minutes in the morning, the same in the evening, not much more. Do the math, at the end of the week, that’s almost 2 hours!

2 – Relativize the duration of tasks

Are you working, are you overwhelmed? Yes! Do this experiment: calculate and show how long a task lasts, it is sometimes much less than you think. Indeed, it takes no more than 5 minutes to empty the dishwasher, clean the toilets or change a pair of sheets, 2 or three minutes to wipe the hotplates and the worktop with a sponge …

3 – Involve the whole family

The calculation is simple; the whole family can stick to it 5 min in the morning and 5 min in the evening. If there are 4 of you, that’s 40 minutes a day. Well, without even taking out your calculator, you can count that on Friday evening, it’s almost 3:30, it’s nothing! To clear the table, peel the potatoes; it’s the same: the more we are, the faster it goes. A task that takes 20 minutes on its own only takes 5 minutes to four!

4 – launch challenges

Your kids will love it (in principle)! For example, instead of the eternal: tidy up your room! Say instead: the first to collect 20 items wins. Take part in this game too; you will see, time flies much faster, and it is incredibly efficient.

5 – Sort the laundry

Yes, but after the machine, when the laundry is dry. Sort it not by color but by categories: socks and underwear in one basket and t-shirts and pants in another. If you have room, you can even have an ironing basket. And there as for the rest, involve the whole family, especially the socks: everyone gets started, in “challenge” mode to find the pairs and has won the right to fold them once gathered.

6 – One thing at a time

If you decide to tidy up the living room, just do that. Example: you find a sock in the living room, you are going to put it in the dirty, there you start a machine, and while you are in the bathroom, you sponge in the bathtub! Stop! Do not disperse because after 10 minutes, your living room will still not be tidy, and you will be frustrated. At the start, set a stopwatch: 5 or 10 minutes, or if you prefer music, wait until 2 or 3 songs have passed. You will be more efficient. And in the evening, sweep or vacuum, it will be easier, since the room will have been tidied up in the morning.

7 – Clear the air

Who says an easy-to-maintain house says a tidy house. And who says tidy house, says everything in its place. And for that, it is essential to e-purer! Get rid of what bothers you. Start by establishing the rule of: 1 object which rents = 1 object which leaves.

8 – Treat your sponges

Always keep your sponges, tea towels, and microfibers clean. Change or clean them as often as possible. Who wants to clean with an old gray sponge full of bacteria that is bathing at the bottom of the sink? Adopt the robot vacuum cleaner that will work for you or the new stick vacuum cleaners (Dyson or Philips), always ready, which do not take more space than a broom but which are ultra-efficient.

9 – use the right products

Do your cleaning naturally, with white vinegar, baking soda. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and very effective ingredients, non-polluting and safe for your health. Make your own cleaning products yourself, it’s very easy and economical.

10 – keep your identity

If you are the ultra-organized type, make a schedule for the week with the tasks to check off as you go, you will see it is rewarding and reassuring, and it will allow you to establish habits and stick to them.

But if you like improv, let your instinct guide you; every morning, when you get up you decide on the small tasks and challenges of the day. But still, impose regularity on yourself; that’s the secret

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