Roofs rarely need scrubbing unless your home is damaged by soot, smoke, or water. Therefore, your cleaning routine means cleaning the ceiling from time to time with a broom covered with a soft, lint-free cloth, or you can also try vacuuming the roof with a soft brush.

Learn how to clean the roof of your house

If you need to wash the ceiling (for example, kitchen splashes), use an all-purpose cleaner and scrub a small section at a time. You can also use a homemade cleaning solution that you can make by diluting two tablespoons of white vinegar or ammonia in a liter of water. After washing the ceiling, rinse with clean water and a sponge or cloth. Next, we will talk to you in more depth about the previous steps.

Vacuum the ceiling: Take the vacuum cleaner and gently sweep it across the ceiling surface. Use a brush attachment from your vacuum cleaner or another accessory intended for easily scratched surfaces. Pay particular attention to the corners and areas around the vents.

Clean dirty areas with a microfiber cloth: If certain parts of your ceiling are filthy, you may need to use a dry microfiber cloth to clean them. Avoid applying too much pressure to avoid spreading dirt or dust on the ceiling. Use a new material once the one you are using gets dirty.

Create a cleaning mix: While a variety of cleaning solutions will help you clean your ceiling, you should create a specific solution that will not damage paint, tiles, trim, and other surfaces. To create a cleaning solution:

  • Mix 1 cup of warm water, one teaspoon of non-abrasive dish liquid, and two tablespoons of white vinegar.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Shake the spray bottle vigorously.

Spray the ceiling: Take the spray bottle and spray the top. Make sure you get full coverage, as if you don’t, you can quickly notice stains. Avoid soaking the ceiling surface, and if the solution starts to drip, you have probably sprayed too much.

Use a paint roller: Find a large paint roller, wet it with water, and roll it all over the ceiling. Do it consistently to get complete roof cleaning. Make sure to remove all the vinegar and detergent solution you sprayed on the top after you are done.

Dry the ceiling: After you have used the roller on the top, take a clean cloth and gently dry it. The fabric will absorb residual water and cleaning solution. Make sure the ceiling is clean before drying it.

Use baking soda to remove stains: As with colors elsewhere, baking soda is useful for removing stains from ceilings, plus green products are always the best option. To create a practical solution, follow the steps below:

  • Combine two tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of water and mix well.
  • Let a few minutes of the paste remain on the stain.
  • Clean the paste in a circular motion.

Suppose you want your roof and your whole home to be kept clean and in perfect condition, in addition to weekly cleaning. In that case, it is necessary to carry out a thorough annual cleaning to eliminate any type of germs and bacteria potentially dangerous to your health and that of your family. .

Indeed almost all of us have more or less clear how to clean the floors in our house, the kitchen, or the bathrooms. But have you ever wondered how to clean the roof of your home?

In our homes, we are used to looking straight ahead or down to take care of cleaning, but we rarely look up, and much less do we do it to remove dust and dirt that can accumulate on the ceiling. If you want to know how to clean the upper part of your rooms, here are several tips on how to clean the roof of your house … And if you need to seek the help of professionals in Federal Way, do not hesitate to contact Premier janitorial Services.

Dry cloth for paint ceilings

Not all ceilings are equal in height and materials, nor do we all have the same agility or conditions to clean them. Each roof has its way of cleaning, but the most common is that your ceiling is painted. In that case, the idea is to place a dry cloth tied to the broomstick to remove dust and dirt from the top.

How to remove stains from the ceiling

We have started with the easiest, but things get complicated if we are looking for a solution to remove stains from the ceiling. Although it is much less common to find grease, tobacco, or food stains on the ceiling than in other parts of the house, they are still likely in the highest position.

We can remove these stains from the ceiling with a cloth soaked in warm water and vinegar (or lemon). With that and with great care so as not to fall off the ladder … Of course, it is possible that cleaning these stains will damage the paint and have to paint the ceiling.

How to clean the kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the house that “suffers the most” is that of the kitchen. To clean the roof of the kitchen, we can also help ourselves with vinegar. To remove stains from the kitchen ceiling, try mixing hot water and vinegar in the same ratio. Use a spray bottle to apply the mixture to the top and let it work for a few minutes before rinsing with a damp cloth first and a dry cloth later.

Lemon can also use instead of vinegar as a natural degreaser for kitchen walls and ceiling. Squeeze several lemons and bring the lemon juice to a boil so that the steam softens the dirt and makes it easier to remove with a damp cloth.

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